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How to Save a Tree

How to Save a Tree

More than anything, I wish there was such a thing as The Tree Police because I would be their Captain. An elite squadron of tree-saving ninjas, we would fight to stop the builders that are taking down dozens and dozens of trees every day in this town. I’d be stylin’...

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Ken Burns, Filmmaker

”Rachel Gladstone’s sad, funny, redemptive story will strike a chord with anyone who’s loved and lost-and gotten back up on their feet again. This is a blueprint – wise and knowing – for recovery and renewal. Brava!"

Foreward Reviews

"The Weekend Wedding Assistant is a story about figuring out who to become once you’re outside of defining relationships...It’s an uplifting message that never grows old.”

Lucinda Williams, Grammy Award winning artist

"Rachel Gladstone’s The Weekend Wedding Assistant is a fast moving and highly entertaining story about death, love, passion and all the sorrows and hopes that living brings. Wonderful, exuberant, real. A great weekend read!
I’m looking forward to a film adaptation!”

Jennie Fields, author of Age of Desire

"Rachel Gladstone’s The Weekend Wedding Assistant is the comical, captivating and cinematic tale of a woman who loses her fiancé, then finds herself. Unpredictable, utterly entertaining and brimming with wisdom, this
heart-grabbing novel is the beach read that’s never out of season."